Company history

  • At the end of  the 1990s a researcher from Tuscany had an inside and designed a simple, economical and accurate test for evaluating oxidative stress by measuring the hydroperoxides in blood: the d-ROMs test. The test was trialled, validated and patented.
  • Doctor  Fabrizio Callegari, owner of Callegari S.p.a., and creator of the first digital electronic thermometer, the first glucometer for home use, the first pocket-sized cholesterol measuring device, the blood testing service in pharmacies and many other innovative instruments and initiatives, was invited by the researcher to combine forces to disseminate the test. For this purpose, Fabrizio Callegari created the FRAS system (Free Radical Analytical System) which over time became the most widely used in the world for measuring oxidative stress.
  • Doctor Fabrizio Callegari fell in love with the project and decided to fully dedicate all his time to it. He left Callegari S.p.A. and founded a new company called H&D, whose sole mission was, and still is, the measuring of oxidative stress.
  • Over the years H&D has insourced various production processes, to the point where today both instruments and reagents are produced at the company. H&D has obtained ISO 9001:2008 e ISO 13485 certifications, which guarantees a product that meets all the quality standards.
  • H&D is dedicated to the research, developing new tests and instruments in the area of oxidative stress measurement, It has created: – the SAT test, the first test in the world for measuring the antioxidant potential in saliva (patented); – the MiniSat, the instrument that makes the SAT test easy, economical and accurate; – the d-ROMs fast test, for measuring oxidative stress, with a reading time of 2 minutes and 30 seconds instead of 5 minutes of d-ROMs (patented); – the PAT test, a new test derived from the BAP test with a processing time that has been reduced from 5 minutes for the BAP test to 1 minute, and has the huge innovative benefit of being able to eliminate phosphate interference (patented); – and OB Manager online, the oxidative stress management software programme;
  • These innovations have put the H&D oxidative stress measurement systems at the forefont in research and in clinics management, with top-rate technical characteristics which place H&D a world leaders in the field of oxidative stress measurement.
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In 2009  H&D inaugurated its new headquarters in Parma Italy, at 264/1A strada Langhirano.

In front of the entrance to the building are two water features with a pedestrian walkway between them, leading to the stand-out feature of the main facade – the full-height elevators tower.

A shimmering and reflective skin enlivens the building’s exterior. The opaque section is made up of panels which provide a good thermal and acoustic insulation and vary in many colour, with a palette ranging from grey to green hues, depending on the natural light, while the glass and aluminium energy-efficient walls reflect the surrounding environment. DSC_0991.1r - Copia

The headquarters are a prestigious facility where all company activities are performed, from research to production, marketing, administration and public relations.

DSC_1179 There is a large conference room where doctors, researcher, customers and employees can learn about the latest developments of oxidative stress and oxidative stress measurement from expert trainers of prestigious universities and the scientific community.


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The FRAS system is the most important system worldwide for scientifically and comprehensively measuring oxidative stress. Researcher across the globe have chosen it and use it as their official system for measuring oxidative stress.Caption Goes Here The Carr.®unit, which is used to express the value of free radicals, is considered the official unit of measurement by the international scientific community.

The Cor unit is considered the unit of measurement for measuring antioxidant capacity.


Its use by researchers has helped the FRAS system become widespread in research centres, hospitals and laboratories and with specialised doctors, general practitioners and pharmacists.

The FRAS system is present in 53 countries worldwide.mappamondo

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