OB MANAGER online  is an original software program that has the specific purpose of helping healthcare professionals manage oxidative stress in everyday clinical practice.

At the core of OB MANAGER online is a specific algorithm which allows the operator to obtain differentiated reports for the healthcare operator and for the patient based on the clinical data and biochemical data entered for each individual being evaluated: the global assessment of the current situation with regard to oxidative stress (with its explanation), the risk profile for oxidative stress, a series of general suggestions, indications and posology of any pharmacological and/or antioxidant treatments, any instrumental or laboratory examinations suggested for learning more about the etiopathogenesis of the case, and finally, the date of the next exam.OB Manager 2

The software is completed by some “utilities” offering the operator the possibility to consult (and eventually print) the previous examinations and some extra subsidiary documents like the specific diagnostic algorithm, the vitamins requirements, the RDA tables,  and so on.

It is possible to use the new OB MANAGER online from any device: PC, tablet, smartphone, thus facilitating its use.
So you can always have the information you need without the worry of having to install a dedicated program on every single device!

Registration is easy and guided through. Most important, each report is customized according to the patient clinical situation, lifestyle habits and of course oxidative stress results.


E’ possibile richiedere maggiori informazioni contattando H&D via email a info@hedsrl.it.