Saliva has a significant antioxidant capacity that is preliminary to many of its protective functions.
This capacity can be easily determined with the MiniSat system, the first instrument in the world that can measure the antioxidant potential of saliva in a simple and reliable way, in just one minute.

MiniSat-1-WEBThe MiniSat system comprise:
MiniSat photometer.
The MiniSat photometer is easy to use and, with the SAT test, provides values on the antioxidant capacity of the saliva.

Besides leading to a reduced amount of salivary and tissue antioxidants (ex. glands and mucous membranes), exposure to physical agents (ex. hot, cold, humidity,…), chemical agents (acidity, cigarette smoke, alcohol,…) and biological agents (bacteria, inflammation) can alter the oxidation-reduction balance of the oral cavity and lead to local OXIDATIVE STRESS.

Prolonged OXIDATIVE STRESS will end up creating a substrate for a truly asymptomatic pathology which, over time, will encourage the onset of a wide range of diseases: plaque, cavities, stomatitis, gingivitis, inflammation of the neck up to periodontal disease. sorriso

Defence in the oral cavity against the different reactive species (both free radicals and non-radical molecules) is provided by the saliva antioxidant barrier. This barrier includes endogenous and exogenous substances that are known for being physiological modulators with antioxidant effect.

Up until recently, saliva has been considered a secreted fluid which is fundamental for chewing/swallowing, for its anti-bacterial action in order balance bacterial flora in the oral cavity and also for keeping the mucous membranes lubricated and functional.

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Technical characteristics MiniSat
General Characteristics



Power Supply


23 x 16,5 x 7 cm

Approx 0,6 Kg

100m ÷ 240 VAC, 50 ÷ 60 Hz

15 W

Photometric system

Spectral range

Measuring principle



505 nm interferential filter

Lambert Beer’s law

37°C real time sisplayed

Solid state




Resident on Flash memory

USB 2.0


Back lighted alphanumeric LCD


Automatic error display

Operating condition


Relative humidity

15 – 35°C

Max 90%


EN 61010-2-81:2002 (electrical safety)

Directive 98/79 EC (IVD)

Directive 2004/108 EC (electromagnetic compatibility)