d-ROMs fast test(patended) is the evolution of the well-known d-ROMs test that increases the speed of execution only.
In fact, the execution time is halved and changes from 5 minutes to 2 minutes and 30 seconds maintaining all other features of d-ROMs test.

d-ROMs fast testmeasures the haematic concentration of ROM (“Reactive Oxygen Metabolites,” Free Radicals) and it is precise, reliable, and repeatable.

The Italian CNR (National Research Center) has confirmed that the results of the d-ROMs test, and the results of the ESR test (“Electron Spin Resonance”, the gold standard) are, in fact, interchangeable.


Test results are expressed in U CARR, the unit of measurement of Free Radicals and the only one used by the international scientific community.

You only need a small drop of blood from the fingertip or venous blood, to perform a d-ROMs fast test.

More information can be obtained by contacting H&D by email at info@hedsrl.it.

The d-ROMs fast test is packaged together with the PAT test inside the REDOX FAST kit  and contains everything needed to perform 50 tests, with the exception of cotton and alcohol.
Composition of the REDOX FAST kit (d-ROMs fast test):

– 50 Premeasured R1 cuvettes

– 50 Premeasured R2 microcuvettes

– 1 vial of reagent R3

– 50 Sterile lancets

– 50 heparinized microcuvettes

– 100 Tips