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About H&D
H&D is a company dedicated to research in the area of oxidative stress measurement.


Its FRAS (Free Radical Analytical System) is the most widely used system for measuring oxidative stress. The d-ROMs, PAT and SAT tests have been developed through research, and are currently considered the most innovative, precise, simple and cost effective test available to researchers, clinicians and healthcare workers.

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The FRAS system

The FRAS system is a standar setter for measuring oxidative stress:

  • Measuring free radicals: d-ROMs test
  • Measuring antioxidant potential: PAT test
  • Measuring antioxidant potential of saliva: SAT test
  • Interpretation of results and diagnosis of oxidative stress: OB Manager.

fras4evolvo5With the FRAS system you can now have appropriate and predictive information about your health.

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